The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure
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What Is GOBA?

GOBA is The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure - an annual one-week bicycle loop tour through Ohio, held each June. GOBA features a different part of Ohio each year, traveling through peaceful countryside and stopping at exciting tourist destinations. The week-long adventure offers fun, Ohio hospitality, and a challenging and rewarding vacation.

GOBA's mission is to organize a yearly one-week bicycle vacation, in order to inspire independence and nuture personal growth; to learn about Ohio, it's people, geography, and history; to provide inter- generational recreation; to enhance the image of bicycling in Ohio; and to raise funds for bicycle-related projects in Ohio.

Around 3,000 cyclists of all ages, from all across the country (and from outside the U.S.), participate each year, riding a 50-mile (average) route each day, through some of Ohio's most scenic areas. GOBA is a tour, not a race; most riders find plenty of time during the day for sightseeing, snoozing on the grass, and enjoying food along the way.

GOBA lays out and marks all the routes, offers guidance to the host towns, and gives riders maps, commemorative items, and informational materials for the week. Delicious and reasonably priced food is provided by civic, social, and church groups along the route and in the overnight host towns. GOBA is primarily a camping tour; overnight tent camping is included with the registration fee. Each rider brings a large bag containing their tent, sleeping bag, clothing, and other gear. Each morning, riders load their bags into waiting trucks, then start riding the day's route, leaving when they want and riding at their own pace. Meanwhile, the baggage and support personnel travel by main highways to the next overnight host town, and begin to set up the next "GOBAville." As riders arrive, they locate their baggage and set up camp.

Different kinds of entertainment await the riders each night, including the Tour of Ohio, a criterium series race showcasing some of the top teams and racers in Ohio.

For more detailed information about GOBA, including how to pack, what to expect on the tour, etc., see our rider handbook, The Way to GOBA.


Tour Organizer

GOBA is a project of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (COP), a volunteer-based participatory organization created to provide opportunities and education for outdoor recreation and activities. While perhaps best known for its bicycle tours, the Tour of the Scioto River Valley (TOSRV) and GOBA, COP also features a comprehensive program of activities and education in bicycling and bicycling safety, leadership training, flat- and white-water boating, caving, backpacking, rock climbing, skiing, and other modes of outdoor recreation.

For more information or to become a member, visit the COP website.



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